Fic: And Then I Dreamt of Yes

Title: And Then I Dreamt of Yes
Author: holdouttrout
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Sam/Jack.
Category: Angsty fluff.
For: nandamai, who requested: "S/J stranded, preferably in S9-10."
Summary: The universe has really bad timing, but neither Sam or Jack is ready to give it the last word.
Notes: My never-ending thanks to pepper_field, who read the second-to-last draft and didn't tell me it sucked but made me see the light anyway and then read the last draft and reassured me it was much better. Also thanks to annerbhp, who dealt with my title issues again, and to everyone who I whined to over the last...well, however long it was. You are all awesome.

And Then I Dreamt of Yes

This to Regret (PG)

TITLE: This to Regret
AUTHOR: crazedturkey 
STATUS: Complete
SUMMARY: Looking back, I have this to regret, that too often when I loved, I did not say so ~ David Grayson
FOR: ziparumpazoo who requested something Mobius related.
Beta'd with great skill by the marvellous beanpot who dealt with my criminal misuse of the comma without qualm!

Thank you for your patience ziparumpazoo - I'm so sorry this is late!

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Find A Way

'Seasons' by Annerb

Title: Seasons
Author: Annerb
Summary: Four very different sets of Jack and Sam that escape to alternative realities.
Rating: PG-13 for language.
Categorization: AU. A little bit of everything: angst, humor, drama, fluff, apocafic, UST, RST, established relationship, all Sam/Jack. Various seasons/realities.
A/N: Written for anr for the sjficathon. I sort of mutilated your two prompts into one. Hope you don’t mind. Special thanks to katcorvi for the beta and cheerleading.

Seasons by Annerb
SG - Fishing

Fic - Prelude

Title: Prelude
Author: deltachild
Rating: R
Spoilers: General character background knowledge, and for ‘Solitudes’.
Beta: The utterly amazing anr
Author Notes: Written for achairsomewhere in the sjficathon using the prompt: “pre-sg-1 fic, sam and jack meet before knowing about the stargate and then go through to RST” Sorry to say that Sam certainly knows about the Stargate in this, but Jack doesn’t. (As with last year I’m going to put forward my formal plea that this is the first SG fic I have written since the one I wrote for last years ficathon!)

Set before the events of the original Stargate Movie.


Fic: A brother, his sister and her Jack

Title: A brother, his sister and her Jack
Author: petite_stars 
Written for:vickysg1 
Rating: G
Author’s notes: Using the prompt: ‘Sam and Jack spend some time with Sam’s family.’ I took a little bit of creative license with the prompt but I hope my lovely recipient still enjoys the result. Kudos to wanderingsmith for the beta and anr  for organising such a fabulously enjoyable ficathon :)

A brother, his sister and her Jack